Qingdao Chaoguangyue Industry Co., Ltd. main products are rubber vulcanizer, open mixing mill, rubber kneader mixer, rubber mixer machine, rubber extruder, waste tire rubber powder line, reclaimed rubber machinery, tire retreading equipment, vulcanization tank, tire machinery within the (outer) tires complete machinery, textile machinery and so on. The products are sold in over 20 provinces and cities and exported to more than 30 countries and regions. All products using three-dimensional visual design, rapid prototyping, the yuan analysis, simulation action, interference checking. Three-dimensional CAD system with a combination of Internet technology. To ensure synchronization with the international advanced technology to achieve a true sense of the shift from traditional manufacturing to the three-dimensional manufacturing……

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    Main business: flat vulcanizing machine, open mixer, internal mixer, rubber mixing machine and other rubber machinery and equipment.
    The main products are flat vulcanizing machine, open rubber mixing machine, internal mixer, extruder, rubber powder and reclaimed rubber machinery,
    A complete set of machinery for inner (outer) tires, textile machinery,
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    main products are plate vulcanizing machine, open rubber mixing machine, mixer, extruder, rubber powder and reclaimed rubber machinery

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